Ionic Hair Straightening

What it is

Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System is a permanent straightener formulated with Natural Ion Complex to effectively straighten all hair types without the damage of conventional straighteners. The breakthrough-patented formula restores and revitalizes the hair to a healthier condition, leaving the hair smooth and silky with incredible shine. This system was designed to be used with the Bio Ionic Ion Retexturing Irons.

What It Does

Natural negative ions break water molecule clusters into micro-fine particles, allowing the formula to easily penetrate the hair shaft and effectively straighten the hair without breaking the hair's internal structure. Leaves hair soft, smooth, shiny, and silky straight.


  • Non-Damaging Formula
  • Safe for Most Chemically Treated Hair
  • No Burning or Itching
  • Revives Damaged, Lifeless Hair
  • Brightens Color and Sheen


The results achieved with Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System are immediate. The hair is renewed, repaired and revitalized for a softer, smoother, shinier finish.

There are a number of thermal reconditioning systems in the market place but none of them can claim the superior results of the patented Bio Ionic System, which was developed by a Japanese bio-molecular scientist.


The price of your straightening service depends on the amount of hair that you have, below is our approximate pricing guide.

Ionic Permanent Hair Straightening (Cut & Blowave Included) - $350 - $500

Hair Straighteners

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To receive a quote please contact the salon to arrange a consultation with our hair straightening specialist.